Are you still reading? GET RIDING!!

There are many reasons to start riding a motorcycle, but very few to stop.  Better gas mileage in a dreary economy.  No need to sit in traffic while commuting around town.  Parking is way easier with a bike.  All of these are reasons to get a motorcycle, but please do not be fooled, motorcycles can be very dangerous.  With the proper training, support, and reinforcement, we can help you eliminate most of the risks of riding.
Hello and welcome to taking the first step to riding a motorcycle!
Beginners Lesson

In a beginners lesson, we will transform you from never being on or even looking at a motorcycle to riding and shifting through the gears!  We will progress at the pace of the student, meaning we work on one skill at a time until you, the rider, feel comfortable moving on.  We cover such things as:

•	Proper Mount and Dismount of the Motorcycle
•	Learning all of the hand and foot controls.
•	Experience with clutch/friction point of engagement
•	Efficiently Shifting Gears
•	Proper Braking
•	And More!
After your beginning lesson, if you have decided to continue learning to ride, this is the next step.  

Beginner Advanced Lesson

Our beginner advanced lesson is designed to take new riders and give them the necessary skills they will need in order to ride a motorcycle on the street.  

We start the lesson out with review from the beginner’s class.  From there we build on the skills and techniques learned from the previous class by teaching such skills as:  

• 2nd gear turns 
• 2nd gear figure 8 course
• Hill Starts
• Parking
• Operating hand controls while riding
• Emergency Braking
• Downshifting

Included in the lesson is a tutorial on things to watch out for when buying a used bike as well as how to maintain your own motorcycle, once you obtain one.

Intermediate Lesson 

Taken a couple of lessons in the lot and ready for the streets?  Looking to revisit your riding skills after many years?  Never ridden in the city before and need some tips?  Looks like your ready for the intermediate lesson.

We normally start off in a parking lot to see exactly what you know and what we need to work on.   From there, we progress to the streets on one of two routes chosen by the student.  The first route is through the city where we will cover the following:

•	Engine Braking
•	Lane positioning
•	Riding in traffic
•	Proper Parking
•	Lane Sharing
•	And More!

Should this not be the primary focus for the rider, he or she might choose route number 2.  This will take us down some curvy roads and highway. On this route we will focus on the following:

•	Highways and Twisty Roads
•	Lane Positioning
•	Road Awareness and what to watch out for
•	Slow Speed Balance
•	And More!

* Please note that a valid M1 license is required while riding on the street.  For parking lot lessons, license is not required.  Trainer bike and gear are available and are free with a beginner lesson.  Small fully refundable damage deposit is required.
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